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2024 Reach

for 0 eye injuries

Click the link below to learn more about Eye on July's new 2024 Reach Campaign!

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Promoting Eye Safety Around Nebraska

Eye on July, Corp. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting eye safety throughout Nebraska and beyond. We provide educational resources and free safety glasses for Nebraskans.


Even though vision is very important, some of us still don't protect our eyes enough leaving us vulnerable to injuries. Our goal is to prevent all eye injuries on July 4th and beyond!

About Us


Our dad, Dr. Rao Chundury, is an oculoplastic surgeon. In a more simple term, it means he’s all about eyes! He has to deal with the unfortunate victims of the fourth of July. Because of this, our family dreads the July 4th because our dad is always gone and at work. The fourth of July is more than just shooting off fireworks-- It's a day to bring your family together also. Then came our little, but big, plan. 


Our team consists of a Board of Directors and 2 Founders!


Founders: Rishi Chundury (14) and Reeya Chundury (13)

Our Board of Directors:

Rao Chundury, Saroja Chundury and Deen Chundury

Did you know that over 78% of those with eye injuries were not wearing eye protection at that moment?

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2022 Campaign

Taking our mission into consideration, in 2022 we provided over 1,500 3M safety glasses to Nebraska Medicine Truhlsen Eye Institute patients and throughout neighborhoods in central Omaha!

Did you know that fireworks can cause permanent vision loss by damaging or burning the eyeball?

Contact Us

If you would like to partner with Eye on July or have any questions, comments, or concerns, reach out to us at

Honorable Donations

200 glasses

Maria Jacobsen

Omaha, Nebraska

300 glasses

Dan and Rita Dolan

Omaha, Nebraska

100 glasses

Matt Pohren

Omaha, Nebraska

250 glasses

Anil Bilapathi and


San Ramon, California

100 glasses

Surya Boddu and


Plano, Texas

101 glasses

Maithreye Bupathi

and Family

Denver, Colorado

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